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4-Him Bonding also serves all City Jails located in the Calhoun County jurisdiction. Each jail is different than the county and they should be  

​contacted directly or we will assist you. To see a list of all municipal jails and their phone numbers please ​ click here

Calhoun County

4 Him Bonding started in Calhoun County Alabama providing services to people in need of bail bonds at the County and Municipal Jails. 

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What we do?

Choosing the Right bail bondsman for you


Choosing the right bail bondsman is an important decision. Although every bondsman can sign a bail bond, not every bondsman offers customer service.

We believe in our clients rights and will work with you until the end of your case. Just because you or a loved one has been accused of a crime does not mean your are guilty. We stand by our clients through each step of the court proceedings and make sure you get the service you deserve. 

Why choose 4 him bonding

4 Him Bonding cares what happens to our clients. The services that we offer extend beyond just signing a bond. more

What is a Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters are used to arrest defendants and return them to the court when they fail to appear. more

What is a Bail Bond

A criminal bail bond is a document offered by bail bond companies that pledges to the court that the defendant will return for all court hearings.  more

Bail Bonds in Anniston, Calhoun County 

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We have continued to grow and expect to providing our services for many years to come. We are not here to judge our clients, just get them out of jail as quickly as possible. Please call 256-770-2663.

To see a complete list of jails that we cover please click here or the photo above. 

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4 Him Bonding, LLC.

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Serving Calhoun County including - Anniston, Jacksonville, Piedmont, Weaver, and Oxford city jails.

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