outlined on a document given to you at the jail when you are released or they my be verbally issued by the Judge setting bail. 

The bond conditions set by the bonding company are usually standard and include; notifying bonding company of new address, not leaving the State without notification, calling into office on set day and time for check in, and keeping all payments, if any, current. 

The accused person out on a bail bond is the reason we are in business and we will always treat you as an important customer. You need to remember that we are not the police and we are here to work with you. If something happens like missing a court date, do not become afraid of calling the bonding company. There are a lot of potential solutions to fix the problem without the need to be re-incarcerated. Bail bonds are a risk to the bonding company and as long as you stay in contact with us we will work with you to keep you out on bond. 

We are in the business of writing bail bonds to get the accused out of jail, we do not enjoy ever putting someone back in jail if it was only a mistake that could have been fixed easily. 

Choosing a Bonding Partner is Important


Which bonding company you choose to get your loved one out of jail is an important decision. You need to trust the people that sign the paper at the jail, and know they will treat you as a client and not a criminal. 

4 Him Bonding wants to become a partner with your family to help you navigate through this difficult time with the least amount of additional stress. We will take a team approach and work together

Bail Bond Services Overview

  1. Failure to Appear in Court
  2. Failure to pay bonding fees
  3. Cosigner elects to be off bond
  4. Defendant commits new crime and fails to report it to the bonding office
Defendants out on a bail bond

As an accused person out on a bail bond you have certain parameters you must comply with in order to not violate the bond conditions. 

There are two separate types of bond conditions that are attached to your bond; the courts conditions, and then the bondsman's conditions. The courts conditions may include not contacting any witnesses in the case, no firearms, no alcohol or drugs, or no contact with alleged victims. The courts bond conditions will be 

Bail Bonding Help

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4 Him Bonding, LLC.

what is a bounty hunter and how do they operate


Bounty Hunters are the enforcement side of bail bonding and are sometimes used by bail bonding companies when bonds go bad. 

4 Him Bail Bonding uses only professional bounty hunters also know as bail recovery agents. These recovery agents are only used as a last resort if the defendant stops communication with the bonding office or if they fail to fix the mistake that may have happened. 

Some of the reasons a bail recovery agent may be hired are listed below:

Bounty Hunters

Cosigners on bail bonds

If you are looking for a bonding company for a family member or loved one that is currently incarcerated and wish to sign paperwork for their release you are considered a cosigner.

As a cosigner you are financially vouching for the trustworthiness of the defendant to show up in court. By signing the contract you are guaranteeing to pay the bondsman the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court and is not presented within a certain amount of time. The bondsman will contact you if they are

​256-770-2663 - Calhoun

Serving Calhoun County including - Anniston, Jacksonville, Piedmont, Weaver, and Oxford city jails.

not able to contact the defendant or if a failure to appear warrant is issued, 

You are are also responsible for any investigative fees if a bounty hunter or private investigator are hired because of the defendants failure to appear. So it is important to work with your bondsman by keeping in contact with them.

As a cosigner you can contact the bonding company at any time to receive updates on a case. Our customer service and bonding agents will provide you with any information that we currently have to offer. If we do not have an answer we will do everything in our power to find the information and get back to you as soon as possible. 

If at any time during the life of the bail bond, you become uncomfortable or if circumstances change, you should contact our office immediately and discuss it with us. We understand that life changes and things happen, we will not discuss your conversations with anyone outside our office unless it becomes an emergency. 

As a cosigner you are our client and you should never feel nervous or intimidated to contact us. Conversations will be treated discretely and we will always provide you with the most accurate information available. 

Bail recovery agents are an outside investigative group that are hired to locate and apprehend bond violators. They are independent of the bonding company but must follow State laws and 4 Him Bonding rules and regulations.

If a bail recovery agent is used to investigate a bond violator there will be a charge that the cosigner and/or defendant will be responsible for. In a situation where a cosigner feels the risk of being on a bail bond has changed and has become too great, a recovery agent may also be used. In this situation the cosigner must pay the minimum recovery fee, up front. 

NO ONE may act as a bounty hunter or bail recovery agent for 4 Him Bonding without being approved by the company. If anyone unlawfully detains or arrests a defendant and they are not approved with 4 Him Bonding, we will first refuse the prisoner and then notify the Sheriff's Office for possible false imprisonment charges.

4 Him Bail Bonding is very particular about our recovery agents and will not under any circumstances allow someone to represent themselves as our recovery agent without meeting our standards and requirements. 

until the completion of your case. We understand that without you we could not be in business and therefor treat you as a client from the beginning. 

4 Him Bonding staff has over 16 years of experience from many different States and jurisdictions. It is because of this vast experience that we can offer many solutions to your problems. If you have contacted other bonding companies and have not gotten the answer your looking for, please give us a call and try us. 

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