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What are the Co-Signer(s) responsibilities?

A co-signer is accepting the financial risk of paying the full bond amount if the defendant fails to appear in court. 

The co-signer will contact 4-Him Bonding if they learn the defendant has the intention of not appearing in court or intends to move without notification to anyone. 

It is the responsibility of the co-signer to pay any fees due to the bonding company. Fees may include financed premium payments and bounty hunter fees if applicable. 

It will also be the responsibility of the co-signer to pay the full amount of the bond if the Court demands that the bond be paid due to failure to appear or any other cause created by the defendant. 

What are the defendants responsibilities?

Defendants are responsible for completing any bond requirements set forth by the Judge setting bail.

It is the defendant's responsibility to adhere to all bond conditions that are set forth by the Judge setting the bond

The defendant is also responsible for attending ALL court dates until the case has come to a conclusion and the case is disposed of. 

The defendant is responsible for any fees owed to 4-Him bonding that were created by the bond. Fees may include payment towards the original bond fee or payments toward bounty hunter fees if needed. 

Why choose 4 Him Bonding?


4 Him bonding cares about our clients. We deeply understand how stressful it is when a person is arrested and how confusing it can be for family, friends and loved ones. We will always work with our clients to lift some of that stress by getting you out of jail fast. 

We also offer payment plans if money is tight and you need our help. From the time you call us we will treat you well and explain the process to you. We will also explain the steps in the criminal justice system and keep you up to date on any new information that we receive. 

Give us a call and find out for yourself what it's like to be treated like a real customer and not like a criminal. 

What is a bounty hunter?


Bounty hunters provide a number of services that many people don't realize. If a defendant fails to pay any of the bond fees to the bail bondsman and does not remain in contact with the bonding office a bounty hunter may be used to establish contact. This does not always mean an arrest. Bail bondsman work in the bonding office and bounty hunters work in the field, therefore if the bondsman can not talk to a defendant he/she may request the bounty hunter drive to their address and get a message to them.

Bounty Hunters are also used to locate and arrest defendants that flee from the courts and do not have the intention of returning. 

The term bounty hunter comes from the days of the wild west and is still used today by most people. In actuality they are bail recovery agents and their job is to do just that; recover bail. Modern day bounty hunters are very professional and work very closely with local law enforcement during their job. 

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What is a bail bond?


A bail bond is a document completed by a bail bond agent that insures that a defendant will attend all court dates and hearings when they are released from jail. 

Once a person is arrested by the police they are transported to the nearest jail within the jurisdiction of arrest. The person is then advised of his/her charges and whether or not they are eligible for bail. Some crimes that people are accused of require a judges decision as to the bail amount or if the person will be held in the facility until trial. 

When a person learns that they are bailable they must do one of two things; put up the full amount of bail in an escrow account with that jurisdiction, or they may contact a bail bondsman. 

The benefits of using a bail bondsman far outweigh the benefits of using your own cash with the county or municipality. When you utilize a bondsman you will only pay a service fee to the bondsman (usually 10% of the bond), and the bondsman secures the rest of the funds (using their own money). The bondsman will notify you of any court date notices that they receive and will help remind defendants to attend court.

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