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A New Life

When our clients complete the program designed for them we give them a certificate. This certificate is more than just a piece of paper, it is the sign of a new life. 

The road to recovery can be a difficult one and we want to show you and the world that you had the strength to endure major life changing events and come out a new person. 

Our Services

At Stepping Stone Ministries we are committed to helping you find yourself again. We understand that you life may have become complicated and now your ready to take control of it again. 

We offer both in-house and out-patient services to help you obtain your goal of sobriety. We are a full faith based rehabilitation group and will show you a better way of life through finding God. If you feel that you have lost your way we will work with you to find your way back. We understand that it has taken some time to get to this place in your life and it will take some work to get back to where you want to be, but we will stay with you through the journey. 

This is not just a simple "cookie cutter" program where one size fits all. The duration of your recovery program is customized based on our clients needs. Stepping Stone will never try to rush a person to complete the program, rather we will make sure that you are confident and fully in control of your life again. 

We are proud members of the Alabama Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association. 

We follow the guidelines and ethical requirements set forth by the association and maintain only the highest standard of care.


Member of AADAA

on the right path. You have made the first big step by looking for rehabilitation facilities so why not put your trust in God and reach out for help?

Stepping Stone Ministries has been offering alcohol and drug counseling since . We provide a very supportive environment that helps our clients recover without the attached stigma that sometimes comes with rehabilitation. 

With our very affordable inpatient and outpatient care we can help you identify the best therapy for your road to sobriety and new happiness. 

Taking the First Step on the Road to Recovery 

It is never easy to admit you or someone you love has a problem with drugs or alcohol. But once you recognize there is a problem you have already taken the first step towards recovery. The next step is to get professional help from people that care about your recovery. 

You may feel like your all alone but God wants you back



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